An open Menu tailored to our customers choice

The originality of Petit Komité’s proposal lies in the fact that it brings together in-season cuisine and market grill dishes. These two culinary worlds have the potential to go so far and wide that customers who so wish to can turn every visit to Petit Komité in a tailor-made and therefore unique personal experience, a gastronomic performance of sorts during which diners receive advise right from the starting point of making a reservation; from then on, Petit Komité’s team take full responsibility for finding the best fresh produce in the market place −always in-season products− that serve as fine raw materials for the artful and expert manufacturing of exclusively created dishes in the restaurant’s kitchens.

As well as a full Menu, Petit Komité’s offer also includes two Tasting Season Menus (Petit Menu & Komité Menu) which are renewed on a monthly basis. In the evenings, Monday to Wednesday, our proposal consists on a more informal menu including a whole variety of products to marry with our cellars’ choicest wines.

At any rate, when adopting an approach as open to experimenting as Petit Komité’s, there is always room for culinary short pieces – Thursday night to be more specific! This is the time for theme dinners seeking to recreate typical dishes of the great gastronomic traditions around the world or original works specifically based on some foundational product such as truffles or chocolate, to name a few.

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